Air Ambulance
Our Air Ambulance service offers 24 hour emergency and non-emergency medical transport services in all parts of Asia. We serve our Clients and Customers with utmost care and precision. Combining the aptitude and capacity of our highly trained medical air-crews and ground management team, we are committed to providing service excellence and cost-effective solutions for our Clients. Our services shall constantly evolve around the safety and stability of our Customers’ medical condition prior to any arrangement of air transportation from one destination to another.
◆ Medical Evacuation
◆ Medical Repatriation

24 Hours International Emergency Medical Assistance
Whether it’s a routine medical check-up, sudden illness or injury, Skyvision Assistance Corporation professionally-trained personnel are armed with extensive local knowledge on healthcare systems and procedures to deal with any emergency. With world leading expertise, Skyvision Assistance Corporation ensures that your clients receive the best quality of care available, no matter where they are. With Skyvision Assistance Corporation, you can rest assured that your clients receive these medical services:
◆  Arrangement for Local Doctor Visits.
◆  Arrangement for Local Hospital admission
◆  Medical Monitoring
◆  Medical Repatriation & Evacuation
◆  Second Medical Opinion
◆  Repatriation of Mortal Remains
◆  Hospital Visits by Friend or Family Member
◆  Arrangement for Minors Return to Home
◆  Arrangement for Return to Work
◆  Dispatch of Non-Local Essential Medication
◆  Guarantee of Medical Payment in Local Currency

24 Hours Travel Assistance
Traveling arrangements can be quite a chore, especially when in a rush. Skyvision Assistance Corporation provides important travel information and assistance to help prepare and ensure you have a smooth, hassle-free journey.
◆  24 Hours Medical Referral and Appointment
◆  Outpatient & Inpatient Claim Service
◆  Second Medical Opinion
◆  Health Check-Ups Information
◆  Inoculation/Health Risk Information
◆  Local Translation Referral
◆  Lost Luggage Assistance
◆  Lost Documents/Passport Assistance
◆  Embassy Information
◆  Local Weather Updates/Foreign Exchange Updates
◆  Emergency Messaging
◆  Local Legal Advice Referral
◆  Flight Information

Third Party Administration
To further complement our Medical Assistance services, Skyvision Assistance Corporation provides Third Party Administration (TPA) Services. TPA Services is designed to allow insurance companies and corporations to offer value-added services to their clients and staff. Through a worldwide network, Skyvision Assistance Corporation expedites the hospitalization process including admission, cost management and discharge of patients.
◆  24 Hours Customer Service Center
◆  Global Emergency Medical Network
◆  Collation of Data