About US

Skyvision Assistance Corporation, We Are Always Around.
In recognizing the greater needs for international emergency medical assistance and in order to provide better and faster aid, Skyvision Assistance Corporation (SAC) was established in 2020.
To strengthen the integration of its International Emergency Medical Assistance Services, Skyvision Assistance Corporation maintains 24H Call Center in Taiwan. In  addition, the Call Center can rely on the IAG network in more than 200 countries, accessing over 7,500 professional staffs and over 4,000 hospitals over the world to provide effective assistance, making SAC the emergency medical assistance company available on a 24h basis capability.


Skyvision Assistance Corporation and International Assistance Group.

Skyvision Assistance Corporation is a member of the International Assistance Group(IAG). Adopting the concept of 'Local Partners...Global Solutions', International Assistance Group is today, the world's foremost assistance networks, with correspondents in more than 200 countries. The International Assistance Group is a global network of independent assistance companies, specializing in the provision of worldwide medical and travel assistance, automobile and other innovative assistance packages, tailored to customer needs.
Fluent in major languages, Skyvision Assistance Corporation's team of professionals are trained to handle medical, logistical and technical aspects of minor and major emergencies with the efficiency and compassion that such events require.
Working primarily with corporations and insurance companies,Skyvision Assistance Corporation offers value-added services in the form of comfort and security that help is always just a phone call away. In turn, by ensuring that your staff and clients quickly receive the best assistance available, Skyvision Assistance Corporation reduces the risk and cost of personal safety and operations locally and abroad.